Citronella Ant

Citronella Ants are also known as the Genus Acanthomyops, which are part of the family Formicidae (Ants). They are about 1/8" to 3/8" in length, and yellowish in color. They emit a distinct citronella-like scent, especially when they are crushed. They often live under slabs and may swarm inside homes once or twice a year. Terrified homeowners may mistake them for termites, but citronella ants are harmless. The winged "swarmers" usually die shortly after emerging and do not require chemical control.

  • They do not live inside, but will frequently forage inside in search of sugary food. They are less of a pest than a distraction, and the best method of keeping them out of buildings is sanitation. If there is sugar available, there will be Citronella ants in the school.
  • These ants often "swarm," just like termites, in the spring and/or fall, always raise havoc because they are so often mistaken for termites. Citronella ants, however, are harmless.
  • When the swarming happens inside, you can vacuum them up for a non-toxic solution to the problem. This problem can also be recurring, and happen each year. Make sure you caulk any entrances they may be using. Consult with your exterminator about continuing swarming problems.
  • They feed on the honeydew of aphids in the soil.