Spider Control: How to Keep That Itsy Bitsy Spider Outside on the Water Spout Where He Belongs

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Spiders have a bit of a bad rap. They do look rather creepy with those 8 lengthy legs, but in reality, there are only about three spiders in the United States that can cause problems for humans. Spiders actually play a crucial role in our ecosystem and really don’t deserve all the hate that is thrown their way.

Spider Control: How to Keep That Itsy Bitsy Spider Outside on the Water Spout Where He Belongs

That said, people do not need to be comfortable sharing their home with a bunch of spiders. It is ok to want your space free from the leggy creatures, but spider control doesn’t have to mean death to arachnids everywhere. We are here to share with you how you can safely keep spiders from calling your home their home while protecting their right to life in the great outdoors.

  • Seal Entry Points- Caulking can be very helpful. Check around door frames, windows, vents, etc. and patch accordingly. Holes or tears in the screens of windows and doors should be repaired promptly. This acts not only as spider control but control for other pests as well!
  • Clear Up the Clutter- Clutter piles create an ideal place for a spider to call home. They are dark places with lots of nooks and crannies to hide away in. This goes for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Too much clutter outside can lead to an excessive number of spiders who may find their way inside. Airtight storage bins can keep items together but won’t allow spiders access.
  • Try Essential Oils– Spiders do not like strong smells, so try spraying an essential oil around your external door frames, outdoor furniture, or anywhere you have noticed an increase in spider activity. Peppermint can be very effective. Cedarwood, tea tree, or rosemary oils may work, too. Who knew spider control could smell so good?
  • Keep to a Cleaning Schedule– Vacuuming regularly will remove webs and other potential food sources from your home. Make use of those attachments that came with your vacuum to get the corners and crevices of both ceiling and floor. Removing webs wherever you may see them is a must when trying to keep the number of eight-legged residents in your home to a minimum.
  • Use a Spider Catcher– These little gadgets can help you catch any spiders who managed to find their way into your home without killing them. You are then able to take them outside where they can help manage the insect population out there.

Hopefully you are able to keep your home spider free, but if after your best efforts, you are still seeing more spiders than you are comfortable with – or you do see one of the dangerous types of spiders, it is time to call a professional to help you with the spider control in your home. We at Longhorn Termite & Pest Control have our own set of tools and know-how to manage the spider population around your home, so you can feel comfortable knowing a spider won’t be interrupting your shower anytime soon.