Great service & great results. Very happy with the service.

- Jeff H.

Jesse was sent out to cover an acre of chiggered lawn. Extremely professional and answered all questions with great knowledge. Great value for the job done. I won’t go anywhere else now. See y’all next time. Thank you for the quick response.

- Charlene W.

I would highly recommend! Jesse had a lot of knowledge and was very thorough. Great customer service! I called on Tuesday, and Longhorn was there on Thursday!

- Tara W.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff and his team recently, and they are a great group with fantastic customer service. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend.

- Chris G.

Brad is fantastic and super knowledgeable. I have had him out for weeds/fertilizer, and he even took care of a black widow’s nest he found outside! Brad is super helpful and always takes the time to explain things or give me advice. Can’t recommend him enough for your lawn or pest control needs.

- Brandon B.

Have used this company for weeds and keeping bugs away inside the house. Superior service! Brad is trustworthy and knows his stuff. Crystal on the phones is always on top of things! Courteous and always gets scheduling right. Definitely recommend this company!

- Heidi T.

The technician was very professional and polite. They showed up on time, got the work done quickly, and there have not been any bugs sighted since they sprayed months ago. They also sprayed our yard for fire ants and got rid of that problem for us! Great service.

- Lemon

They did a great job! Very pleased with the service they provided. Jessie was the tech who came out and was very polite and informative. Since they have come, we have not seen a single spider in the house. They were very thorough and have great customer service. Would recommend them and will be using them again the future.

- Brittnie D.

Derrick was great. Took care of fire ants setting up shop in my home; still can’t believe this is a thing! We will definitely use Longhorn Termite & Pest Control again. Very honest!

- Karen J.

After I looked around and called different pest control people, these guys were the most reasonably priced. Other companies were wanting double if not triple what these guys were asking. Somehow, we ended up with bedbugs and tried everything to get rid of the nasty suckers. I finally broke down and called these guys, and I’m glad I did because they got rid of them. They also give you a 60-day guarantee if you still happen to see any crawling around. You won’t need it because after a couple of weeks or so, they were completely gone. If I ever have any more bug problems that I can’t take care of, I will be giving these guys a call.

- Chris A.

Longhorn Termite & Pest Control sprayed my lawn and house about a week ago. Since then, I haven’t seen a fire or any other insect. Thanks for doing such a great job.

- Darlene T.

He was a few minutes late, but the company called to let me know. Very nice technician. Great job. He sprayed both inside and outside for one price. I will definitely use them again!

- Charles J.

It was good. We still use them. They come out once a quarter. They’re very good.

- Barton S.

This is an excellent team of professionals! Thank you for the thorough inspection and treatment for termites in my new log home. Chrystal at the office is a wonderful person who went above and beyond for us to get our documentation submitted on time. Our inspector completed our work as promised, and the tech treated our house for termites. We are very happy with everyone. I highly recommend.

- Stephanie

I have been using this company for almost 20 years, and the only issue I have had is when they can fit the treatments into MY schedule. They bend over backwards to get here and never once have they been late. The house is pretty much bug-free. The only bugs I have come in the front door when someone goes in or out. This is a great company, and I would not use anybody else.

- Sandy D.

We have been having Longhorn Termite & Pest Control treat our lawn for about a year now. I am very happy with the results! This is the first year in 13 years we haven’t had any sticker burrs!! I didn’t believe it was possible, but it is. Thank you, Longhorn Termite & Pest Control!

- Stephanie A.

My family and I have used this company for years, and the customer service is excellent, and their services work! No pests in my house.

- Janan B.

Friendly professionals. Crystal is wonderful on the phone, and Brad knows more about weeds, bugs, and ants than anyone I have ever met.

- Nic S.

Superior job as always! Jesse did an outstanding job both inside and outside. Those nasty beetles have not made an appearance in the house since Jesse sprayed. A couple of days after he sprayed outside, I saw black woolly bugs, but they were dead. Any bug I see on the front or back porches is dead! Jesse works well with my four-legged children (dogs). Jesse is very careful about not bringing dirt inside of the house!

- Karen H.

Very polite and friendly techs. Do fast and complete inspection and treatment. Been using them about 10 or 12 years.

- Sandra T.

Highly recommend. Extremely thorough and effective. Chrystal offered friendly customer service at time of first call to set appointment and continued with Derrick on the service appointment. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, thorough, on-time, and effective. Not hurried.

- Bob E.

Chrystal, Brad, and now Derick have continually done wonderful work for us. They are responsive, customer-service oriented, and reasonably priced. Have been a customer since 2005.

- Catherine S.

We have been using Longhorn Termite & Pest Control in the 3 1/2 years in our current home. We also use the lawn care. We are very satisfied with the service.

- Marjorie D.

They came out right away for the inspection and price quote. Their schedule was full, and it was three weeks before the actual treatment. The treatment had to be delayed due to rain, and they gave us a very prompt reschedule date. The representative was friendly and patient in answering all questions. Their price seemed to be in the ballpark with others we contemplated. We were unfamiliar with the way termite treatment guarantees work since we’ve never needed this service before. We did not realize that to keep a guarantee active, it is necessary to pay an annual fee and schedule a service call annually. Of course, that is well worth it to protect our home.

- Pat T.

We have used Longhorn Termite & Pest Control for several years now. We have the annual contract and couldn’t be more pleased. The staff (office and in the field) are friendly, honest, ethical. Great company.

- Michelle M.

We have been very happy with Longhorn Termite & Pest Control and would gladly recommend them.

- Andrea B.

Brad and his teams always give us top-rate service! They don’t just show up and treat — they stop, talk with us, share their expertise, and provide us with great insight. We moved from Azle to North Fort Worth, but definitely wanted to keep service with Longhorn Termite & Pest Control!

- Kevin I.

Fast, friendly, thorough service! The technician, Brad, was very sweet & knowledgeable. Definitely recommend.

- April S.

Brad is the best. He is always friendly and gives expert advice.

- Tim C.

Very professional and did a thorough job. The best part is, someone actually answers the phone and came out quickly. Would highly recommend.

- Tina A.

We have been dealing with Longhorn Termite & Pest Control for about 17 years. Always satisfied with their service and their friendly, helpful technicians.

- Walter S.

The guys are always polite and take great care when spraying. They do a tremendous job, inside and outside. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.

- Judy L.

Super great customer service and very thorough!!

- Alice M.

We have used Longhorn Termite & Pest Control since we moved to Azle 3.5 years ago. Technicians are courteous and extremely detailed; they explain what they are doing. Jesse goes out of his way to provide excellent customer service – he even found a spot in my roof where wasps were coming into our master bath. And very thankful for them during ant infestations!

- Karen P.

I have used Longhorn Termite & Pest Control for about 15 years. Their prices are reasonable, and you do not have to sign a contract. When I see a problem I want them to correct, I just give them a call. Would recommend them highly.

- Patty L.

Longhorn Termite & Pest Control saved the day for me. Their free termite inspection confirmed that the “ants” I was seeing were indeed termites. There were too many to ignore, so after the technician identified them, I asked to have a treatment scheduled. The office contacted me the next day, and I requested that the technician who had done the inspection be the one to do the treatment. He had explained to me the method he would use, and I was so pleased to hear that, after spraying the attic, the rest of the work would be done from the outside of the house. I do believe he pinpointed the location of a nest between the walls, because the product that he used caused large numbers of termites to come stumbling out of their hiding place into plain view on my floors. I feel like the problem was taken care of and I am so relieved.

- Corine A.

It went great – the tech was very quick and very nice. He explained everything he was doing and how we could help prevent re-infestation. It was a great experience, so I signed up for the yearly service. We get 6 visits/treatments, and should mice appear during the year, the yearly service will cover the mice as well.

- Amber C.

He came at the arranged time and sprayed inside and the outside foundation of the house. He answered all my questions regarding the pesticide used and what I may need in the future. No hard sell of services, which I really liked.

- Debbie B.