Lawn Fertilization: Why it Matters and What to Do About It

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Green lawns look good. But they don’t get that way without work. In order to get that perfect shade of green in your yard, it takes a number of things working together. You need to water the yard responsibly. Too much or too little water and your yard will suffer. Mowing regularly is a must. It can prevent weed growth by preventing the weeds from going to seed. Yet another essential is proper lawn fertilization. We are going to discuss why that is such a crucial step to a healthy yard that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Lawn Fertilization: Why it Matters and What to Do About It

Lawn fertilization provides critical benefits for your yard.

  • It will ensure that your soil has the proper nutrients, so your grass can soak them up, improving the overall growth. Grass will grow much thicker when given the right supply of nutrients.
  • The thicker the grass, the denser the root system. Those two things work in tandem to help keep the weeds out.
  • Thick grass and a dense root system will also prevent pests and disease from taking hold of your yard and will help make the yard more drought resistant!

It’s clear that, in order to cultivate that lush green lawn, you cannot skip fertilizing. Hiring a professional can be very helpful because using the correct fertilizer and distributing it properly throughout the yard can be a tricky task. If done improperly, it can lead to burn spots in your grass or uneven growth. Our professionals at Longhorn Termite & Pest Control will have the knowledge and equipment to ensure the lawn fertilization is done right to help you achieve the fantastic shade of green you have always wanted for your yard.