Snakes, Azle, TX

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The state of Texas is home to about 100 different species of snakes. Only a small percentage of them are venomous, but since you can never be too careful, you should know how to identify different snakes and what to do when you find them on your property in Azle, Texas. Here are a few common snakes to be aware of:

Snakes in Azle, Texas

  • Texas Garter Snake- These snakes have a thin red stripe that runs the length of their body and yellow stripes on either side. They’re about 1 to 2 feet long. While they are venomous, their bites are not fatal.
  • Texas Rat Snake- Texas rat snakes are tan with brown or olive splotches and can grow to be over 5 feet long. They are non-venomous and non-aggressive, but they may bite if threatened.
  • Texas Coral Snake- This is not one of the most common species in the area, but it’s worth knowing how to spot them. Texas coral snakes are brightly colored, venomous snakes with red, black, and yellow bands. If you see one, back away slowly to avoid provoking it.
  • Cottonmouth- Cottonmouths, or water moccasins as they are sometimes called, are usually found near water. They’re brown, have arrow-shaped heads, and have a patch of white under their chins or on the sides of their mouths. They are highly venomous.
  • Copperhead- Copperheads are brown to camouflage into their Texas surroundings. They are also venomous, but they’re not known to be aggressive.

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