What Happens During a Termite Inspection?

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If you suspect that your home has a termite problem, the first step to take is to schedule a termite inspection with us at Longhorn Termite & Pest Control. A termite inspection will allow us to determine if you have termites and how extensive the infestation can be.

What Happens During a Termite Inspection?

Your termite inspection will take a short time. During this time, the inspector will thoroughly go over your property. Your inspector will look at both the exterior and interior areas of your home, looking for any visible signs that you have termites. Some of these signs include damaged wood, mud tubes, and shed wings.

During your termite inspection, the inspector will also check your door frames, windows, walls, baseboards, and the insides of closets and cabinets. Plan on the inspector needing to access every area of your home, including the attic and the garage. Your inspector will pay special attention to your kitchen, bathrooms, and any utility rooms because these are the places where your plumbing penetrates the slab and where termites will get into your home.

When your inspector goes outside, they will look at all of the eaves of your house and the exterior walls. They will also take a close look at the foundation, watching for signs of mud tubes.

Following this inspection, the inspector will go over their findings and address treatment options for taking care of your termite infestation. If you have any questions or you want to schedule a FREE termite inspection, contact us today.