Little Black Ant

The Little Black Ant is also known as Monomorium minimum, which are part of the family Formicidae (Ants). The Little Black Ant is 1/16" long with a slender, smooth body that is shiny black to dark brown. They have a single-segmented "waist" between the thorax and the abodmen.

  • They eat sweet substances, meat fragments, cooked vegetables, other human food.
  • Nests are constructed below ground, raising small craters around opening at the surface, or in rotting wood. Queen feeds 1st brood, then workers take over, tending young and feeding queen.
  • Little Black Ants live in forest edges and houses, throughout North America, except Pacific Northwest.
  • One of the most common ants in homes, this insect is active day and night and is often seen carrying particles of food many feet back to its nest.
  • Because there are usually no winged females, these ants do not have nuptial flights.