Termite Removal: Why are Termites Such a Problem?

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If you’ve lived in your neighborhood for very long, you’ve probably heard at least a couple of neighbors talk about their termite problems and their efforts for termite removal. If you suspect your home has a termite problem, too, you may wonder if you need to prioritize termite removal or if this pest control service can wait.

Termite Removal: Why are Termites Such a Problem?

At Longhorn Termite & Pest Control, we want you to know that termites are a real problem you should call us for help with right away. Here’s why:

  • Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because they could be secretly hiding and living in your house. Because of this, what seems like a minor termite problem could actually be more widespread than you think.
  • Unless you prioritize termite removal, these critters could seriously damage your home. And in most cases, homeowners insurance plans don’t cover the cost of termite damage.
  • Some types of termites can lay up to millions of eggs every year. If you have termites, the problem could multiply quickly unless you take action.
  • Regardless of how your home was constructed, it can provide cellulose food to feed termites. Every type of termite thrives off of cellulose-based plant materials, so the risk of developing a termite problem always exists.

Although a termite problem can seem like a major issue, you don’t have to worry as long as you have our team on your side. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and to find out more about our termite removal methods.