Seasonal Pest Control: Maintain a Pest-Free Home All Year Long [infographic]

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One of the things you can do to maintain a healthy and comfortable living environment is implement effective pest control. A proactive approach helps to mitigate pest issues, and adopting a year-round routine for safeguarding your home helps to manage the unique challenges that can occur with each season.

Seasonal Pest Control: Maintain a Pest-Free Home All Year Long

Here are some tips for effective seasonal pest control:


  • Common Pests: Ants, termites, cockroaches, scorpions
  • Actions: Spring cleaning helps with eliminating potential attractions like food residue. Check entry points around windows and doors, and seal any cracks and gaps to prevent small pests from accessing your home.
  • Next Steps: Get a termite inspection performed, since an infestation can cause significant structural damage if it isn’t caught quickly


  • Common Pests: Mosquitoes, wasps, flies, termites, fleas, ticks
  • Actions: Mow your lawn regularly and keep brush well-trimmed to help prevent ticks and mosquitoes, which prefer long grass. Make sure to repair leaky outdoor fixtures and clean your gutters to reduce standing water.
  • Next Steps: If you notice ants in your home, schedule a consultation with a pest control company to get a plan in place – ants can be very persistent, so professional services will help eliminate the problem effectively.


  • Common Pests: Fire ants, grubs, spiders, rodents
  • Actions: Check seasonal decorations before you bring them inside from storage to make sure there are no critters hiding inside. Perform another check of your home’s exterior for potential entry points, sealing gaps that can allow pests to get inside during the cooler months. A chimney cap can prevent rodents from getting into your attic.
  • Next Steps: Getting a professional pest control treatment done on your home will help address hard-to-reach places, sealing the inside and outside of your home from pests.


  • Common Pests: Spiders, earwigs, rodents, bed bugs
  • Actions: Regularly check your cabinets and pantries for food damage, and keep food in airtight containers so that it’s not an open invitation for pests. Maintain the area where your garbage is stored, keeping it as clean as possible and using a tight-fitting lid on your cans.
  • Next Steps: Don’t get lax about pest control during the cooler months; as soon as you notice signs of pests in your home, call in professional pest control to best manage the infestation and prevent future issues.

As the seasons change in Texas, so do pest threats to your home. Taking proactive steps helps to prevent pests so you can enjoy a healthy home throughout the year. Work with our trained team to implement preventive measures and help with targeted treatments to eliminate existing pests. Get the peace of mind you deserve – call us today.